Madalena is the name of one of the most trendy cocktail and music bars in the city of Faro. Its name derives from the building where it is located due to its previous use as a chapel. The square, where it is located, has the same name and it is right in the heart of Faro's downtown. This place turned into a great melting pot where locals and tourists can enjoy the pleasure of good music, food and beverages. Our aim was to developed a Visual Identity which could be inspired in modernist culture so we can let the products shine.

On a black & white system, the details sorted on the decor, the light and the crew's casual uniforms created the perfect harmony to tell stories with Madalena's creations. Based in signature cocktails and healthy food, Madalena was imagined to be the perfect place for a snack at the middle of the day, for a drink after work or to shake our body and soul taking the best of the Faro's nightlife. 

Art Director Joana Van Hellemond
Photographers André Nogueira, Taya Maria
Designer Luís Caracinha
Epopeia Brands, 2017

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