Black is Black is an Interior Design Studio based in Faro focused on the development of high quality projects for the most authentic clients. With their creativity and spirit, Black is Black fills the gap between architecture and interior design with harmonious and cohesive creations.

The problem
After some years of hard work and a lot of projects the team felt, somehow, like their personal communication was left behind. They didn't feel committed with their own brand anymore and some changes needed to happen in order to put this brand on the spotlight again. Sofia & Stephanie are siblings and founders of black is black. From the team, they were the one's with some affective relationship with the brand but were also sure that some changes would be necessary. That's how the rebranding process begun. 
The previous logo was build from two capital characters "B" with a Serif Typeface. Somehow the previous typeface was pushing the communication into a classic vibe and this was not the target of Black is Black. The team was asking for something more clearer, contemporary and visually stronger, without loosing the main positive points they were familiarized with. ​​​​​​​


The Solution

The logotype was redefined to suggest not only the two mirrored "B" but also two mirrored "S" from the siblings' names Sofie & Stehanie. The two parts were involved into one another to express union and movement. The use of black and white gave a solid look to the visual system. 

The main typography, inspired on Azo Sans from the Portuguese Type and Graphic Designer Rui Abreu, was tailored to improve the brand's personality and to create more flexibility to the visual system. "Modeling and inspiring your world" clearly share the aim of this team.

The Office
To capture the daily life of this team was a priority. Getting the chance to meet black is black methodologies, inspirations and workflow allowed us to build their on-line communication as a mirror that invites clients to dive into their world and explore ideas. The photography sessions were handled to express the sensitivity of their office and take advantage of the natural light.

Creative Director Luís Caracinha
Designer Luís Caracinha
Junior Designer Fábio Teixeira
Photography Fábio Teixeira
Motion Graphics Sara Martins
Account Manager Ana Beatriz Lopes
Epopeia Brands, 2019

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